"Excelence is not a skill, it is an attitude"
Ralph Marston


Many can sell a product or what their company offers, however the best salesperson will always be they who understand "why we do what we do".

Home & Media Products, LLC

Be your own boss

Working with HOME & MEDIA PRODUCTS, LLC., you have the benefit and freedom of being your own boss, working and achieving the goals that you set yourself.

We offer

15+ years experience in the creation and distribution of bilingual educational productes, as well as...

Cost-free qualified appointments

100% approval rate

Credit for every level

Only 3 levels of excelent commisions

Do you meet the requirements?

In HOME & MEDIA PRODUCTS, LLC we work only with sales professionals who:

  • Dominate references.

    Have skills to create and manage a potential customer base, know how to present themselves and do effective networking.

  • Make successful presentations

    Have experience speaking in public and persuading.

  • Recognize success of others

    and learn from it.

  • Listen to needs

    of their clients.

  • Can handle objections

    and rejection.

  • Utilize technology

    in their favor.

  • Know how to close.

  • Have experience.

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NOTE: All information provided through this application is kept strictly confidential and is not sold or shared with any other entity.