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School Version

Teach·Practice·Master (TPM)

Our TPM (Teach · Practice · Master) software covers all content from Preschool all the way to Grade 12, allowing it to teach your students 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. It is offered in different packages that adapt to the needs of every family.

Our software includes a section dedicated for parents so that they can easily access and measure their children's progress, manage homework, assignments and get reports that allow absolute control of what their child does day to day.

Our 100% bilingual educational programs are made so that the parents can get involved with their children's education and growth, even without knowledge of the English language.

TPM is your best ally for your children's dreams to come true!

The software comes in two versions:


Our software installs locally on your desktop or laptop, where your child will be able to access all of the content or subject you want them to study.


This version allows your children to access digital content that we've prepared for them from any web browser and can use it anywhere (through mobile devices).


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