the challenges

of tomorrow

"When you wake up curiosity, EXTRAORDINARY THINGS HAPPEN."


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Home & Media Products, LLC., we are an organization that for over 15 years have been commited to excelence in education and with experience in the creation, production and distribution of educational programs with technology that drives learning with courses from Preschool to High School, and bilingual versions Ensligh/Spanish.

Our programs are NOT SOLD IN STORES, they are offered through personalized advisory. Our educational advisors offer personalized consulting through chats with parents where they evaluate the needs of their children and present to them programs and/or tools available within their home in order to prepare them for a bright future making it to College.

The American dream is to grow up and obtain what was previously out of our reach, and part of that dream is that our children are able to finish College; not only does that give us a title, but offers us a possibility for a better life.

The best valued jobs value knowledge and talent, which come before any other quality at the time of getting a job.


A college graduate will earn 1 million dollars more than someone who only graduated from High School.

USA Census Bureau 2010

HMP Team

These are the departments who make up our team, and thanks to their talent and commitment, we offer the best educational tools!

Software Development, Graphic Design, Social Media, Customer service, Educational Investigation, Sales and Management.

Software development

Our software developers create programs with cutting-edge technology.

Graphic design

Creation of grahics, video, software interface, creation and development of interactive games and tool.

Social Media

Creation of comunication channels to stay connected with parents and families.

Customer service

Personalized attention to parents who are interested in the education of their children.

Educational investigation

Qualified teachers update the content of the lessons in our programs.


Our educational advisors are highly trained to solve any of your questions and offer the best option that adapts to your needs.


Leaders with vast experience in the market, sharing their knowledge to offer a better personalized service.